Friday, November 16, 2007

First post of the Dragonfly tales

Hello dear readers!
I am Elinor and I am from Israel and I just started this blog. I have another blog that hasn't been updated in ages. I decided to start a new blog to go with the new life I am constructing for myself.
What new life, you may ask. Well... I decided the time has come for a major change in my life. A change that will encompass all areas of my life - my career, my health and body image and just about anything and everything else. The reason? I am fed up with it as it is, I am unhappy and I am not doing what is good for ME. I have become so entangled with caring for everyone else around me that I have forgotten to take care of ME, to prioritize things so that I come first. There was no more joy and no more magic in my life and for a person like me, who is less than your average conformist, the mediocrity of my life, my becoming part of "the herd" is a big NO NO.
So time to change! The first thing I did was to look for something to study. I am an eternal student and if I had the funds to study all my life and do nothing else I'd be the happiest person alive. So I found a few courses given at my work place (a university - can't really stay too far from them) and I chose the one that seemed most interesting to me and that potential for a career change later - Coaching. That is Life Coaching.
I have always been a mentor and counselor to everyone around me and it comes naturally to me so I figured I might as well attach a certificate to it, learn a few more tools and make money of it! Ha! simple, right? NOT!!!! As soon as I enrolled, even before the course started, I started doing what I always do when I study something - I started to research! I looked for extra classes, more methods, materials to read about it, forums to post on and I found a wealth of methods and people who are so interesting! I started posting on some forums and very soon confirmed what I had been feeling for a long time - that I need to be coached myself before I do anything with my life!
So I found a great life coach! I love her dearly and I am so grateful for her help until now (and we're just in the middle of the process). Her name is Michal Harari and her English website is: well worth a visit!
In my coaching course we're also undergoing a coaching process so it's like having 2 coaches....actually I have many coaches now as I am also in touch with various, amazing (!!!) coaches from around the world! Through the process I can't really say I learned anything new about me but I have gained clarity and found the courage in me to make real changes.
One such major example is my decision about career paths. At the beginning of the process I thought I should be looking for another job that will pay me a hell of a lot more than I get now and where I will have more chance of promotion, use more of my abilities and skills and be appreciated more. However, my biggest curse is that I simply studied too many things, I have too many skills and I love them all! That makes it so hard to find something interesting. Everything I found was not interesting enough, I was either overqualified for it, or for the more senior position I may be qualified but lack the years of experience people want to see etc. Very quickly I realized that I have to make my own "dream job".... in other words start my own business and mould it in a way that will allow me to make use of all the skills and areas I love most, to do only those things I LOVE to do!
That was an easy thing to decide on:
  • I love training people and teaching - I teach English, computer know how and skills, Internet use and I teach and improve learning skills.
  • I love coaching - I find that more and more every day now.
  • I love writing and I'm good at it! - I have already written a book for someone as a ghostwriter and I started writing my own fantasy book... I am good at writing academic papers and essays and I can edit and rewrite just about any text ....
  • I love doing online research and extract information about anything from anywhere possible. I have been told on more than one occasion that I could be a private detective lol. There is almost no one and nothing I cannot find....
  • And finally.... I am good at translations. Can't say I "love" that one but I am so good and fast at it (been doing it for over 10 years) that I want to include that in my future business as well.

So there you have future business will provide coaching, training and language & information services. How cool is that!

More about this decision and how I am working towards this goal in future posts. After all, I want to use this blog as my journal along the way :)

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