Sunday, January 3, 2010

Breathe in....Breathe breath at a time you'll make it through this life

10 years ago today the world lost a very special person, a true angel, and I lost a friend, a (cyber)sister.
On Januray 3rd 2000 Jackie, aka Snowdaughter, Drew her last breath on this earth. She was 36. Jackie jad Celiac Sprue and all her systems were crashing. She made it her goal to live to see the new millenium and she did. She celebrated the entry of the year 2000 with her husband Don, and 3 days later decided she had enough.

Jackie touched so many lives in her short life. she she doesn't know it but she is responsible for the fact that the past decade was the decade of most growth and learning in my life. Without her lessons and presence in my life (even for just a short while) I wouldn't be the person I am today, I wouldn't know the things I know today. She was a true life coach without even realizing she was one. She is the one who taught me and many others to break down our life and tasks into goals and go out there to achieve them. Jackie chose everything about her life and didn't let anyone - not even fate - dictate anything. She even chose her name (after the song "Jackie Blue").

She was a cyberangel (because most of her life and relationship were done through the web), she was my cybersis (because she was in Nikiski Alaska and I am in Israel), she was a beautiful person, a special unique light being.

Shortly before her death she couldn't even go up the stairs to her computer to talk to her friends. But Jackie was not one to give up. This is what she wrote:
"Hey Attitude Central!

I got up and said I WILL make it up those confounded stairs to be with my friends! (All of YOU!) I found my smile, and my sense of humour where I had dropped it by my computer chair!
Most of all I found everything I cherish when I logged in here! Thank you ALL! ~ ....yeah, life’s been rough this summer, but what I need is a good kick to help me fight the pain and the feeling that life as I know it is getting shorter.
THIS IS not a pity party, just need some attitude boost to help me through!
This is the one place I KNOW can provide that! I got positive rock n roll playing, and I'm moving to the beat! Someone dance with me!-
~ snowdaughter"

Jackie's one wish was never to be forgotten. Well my darling, you weren't forgotten. You AREN'T forgotten!

Your teachings and lesson live with me every day of my life.

Thank's sis!

This one goes out to you - wherever you may be!

to learn more about Jackie go to:

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adriana derry said...

i remember that day.

how strange i should find your post on Erev Yom HaZikaron.

God has His Ways :-)